Why Choose Us?


ISCL has experience with the entire range of network and computer security issues faced by businesses. From writing and implementing security policies and procedures and conducting periodic network audits for security vulnerabilities to tracking security breaches and working with local and national law enforcement to identify computer criminals, ISCL has the computer and network security expertise to help your business.
ISCL can survey existing wireless networks for robustness, security and protection against attack. Among the items checked in a ISCL Wireless Audit are encryption level, signal strength and radiation, spectrum and channel interference from the surrounding area, and open or rogue wireless points. ISCL uses state of the art radio spectrum equipment to get a full picture of your wireless security. A report is provided suitable for filing with regulatory authorities. ISCL can also assist in secure wireless network design from requirements planning through implementation.


We work towards your specific organization needs by designing your computer systems and custom applications. While this computer interface design is highly complicated, the goal is to create an interface that any employee in the company can use easily.
ISCL offers custom-built and/or configured software to solve your specific problem. It could comprise of custom software development and/or a customized assembly of multiple software products or a custom implementation of existing software platforms or products.

Surveillance System

Better options, plus a smooth and cost effective migration path, are available for companies with proprietary surveillance and access control systems. IP or Network Based physical security solutions, for surveillance and access control, enable powerful business tools not available from traditional security systems.
Information from IP-or network based video and access control devices can be analyzed and integrated with other applications on your network. This performance is superior to proprietary systems. The information obtained can then be used to reduce overall costs, enhance security, and assist in making high-level business management decisions. Turn your existing physical security systems from a reactive to a proactive tool that provided powerful new technology to enable better business management decisions.

Solar PV

We offer Solar cells and modules and we are closer associated with top manfucaturer of these products , in order to provide our customers with top of the range world class solutions.
ISCL Assembles, installs, & maintain solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs or other structures in compliance with site assessment and schematics.

Data & Voice

We deliver managed telecoms solutions to our clients. We concentrate on what’s important to our customers and provide managed solutions that make a significant difference to the operation of your business, using our expertise to deliver the best solutions possible for business.

Here’s how we differ from everyone else:
We will first of all consult with you at no cost to understand your setup and existing and future requirements.
We will then recommend improved services for both voice and internet, project manage the new installation and ensure that it meets expectations and also fits within your existing telecoms budget.
We take over your telecoms infrastructure over an agreed contract period and bill you directly for the monthly costs. We stand over the solution by taking responsibility for managing your faults and escalations through our strong relationships with our telecoms partners.

Electrical Installation

Reading of blueprints or technical diagrams. Install and maintenance wiring, control, and lighting systems. Inspect electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers.